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The world has changed a lot, so are marketing strategies. Webinars are an integral part of life for everyone. The latest marketing strategy is highly dependant on visual marketing and no doubt videos are going to play an important role. Here comes the importance of bizVideo.

What is bizVideo

bizVideo is a unique tool that addresses the real-world problems that video marketing is suffering from. bizVideo’s features and functionality are second to none. The First Video Marketing Product that Every Business NEEDS and Must BUY

See It To Believe It

The purpose of bizVideo

The World’s First Marketing Tool To Harness the True Power of Video Marketing

 Drive More Traffic Build Bigger Lists
Generate More Leads Capture More Opt-Ins
Add More Subscribers Grow Sales

The True Power of Video Marketing Begins With the Power of Video

>Video is Able to Grab and Hold the Viewers’ Attention

The power of video is its ability to grab and then hold onto the viewers’ attention. If you have their attention, you can get your message through. If you get your message through, then your marketing is successful.

>>Video Has to be Seen

Video cannot grab anyone’s attention if they’re not watching. Video cannot drive traffic or generate leads if there are no viewers. Video is completely powerless if nobody ever sees it

>>>Video Cannot Market Itself

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 grossed over 1.3 billion worldwide. In order to do that Warner Bros. released it in thousands of theaters around the world and pushed it out with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. That’s how they got millions of people to see their movie.

How bizVideo Campaigns Helps You

A bizVideo campaign is like a multiplex theater. People come to your campaign to see your video much as people come to the movie theater to see a movie. In a multiplex theater, one movie will be showing on several screens. In the bizVideo multiplex, your video is showing on all the screens. Each screen is a different channel such as an email or social media or a web page where they can access your campaign.

Will this work Offline

We weren’t content with building the world’s greatest online video marketing tool. We went one giant step further and made bizVideo the world’s greatest offline video marketing tool as well. Now anyone can access your campaign directly from hundreds of offline sources. Your bizVideo offline links (QR codes) instantly transform your brochure into a video campaign. Imagine prospects viewing your campaign by scanning a T-shirt! With bizVideo, when someone puts your business card in their pocket, they’re putting your video campaign in their pocket.

What’s The Problem With Video Marketing

1. Far too many videos are left to languish on a web site with little to no traffic. Very little traffic means very few views and that means very little results.
2. Most small businesses stuff their new video in a single email blast. Small scale one and done email marketing simply cannot produce the views needed for a successful campaign.
3. Common practice these days is to post your new video on your Facebook page. But how many people will see it there? According to Facebook, the average account only has 338 followers. So simply posting your video on Facebook is not going to produce thousands of views.
4. If you're talking about video marketing, you have to talk about YouTube. It seems like everybody is posting their videos on YouTube. But on average, most YouTube channels only generate 50 - 150 views in a month. Even if all those views were the same video, it's not enough to build your business.

Limited access to a limited audience equals video marketing failure

Break free from the single channel, one and done marketing failures Use bizVideo to put your campaigns on a dozen or more channels! Keep sending those emails Keep your campaign posted on social sites for as long as you like Let everyone see your video at anytime!

That’s Video Marketing Done Right!

Don’t blame your video for your marketing failure. Your video cannot market itself. That’s the job of your video marketing campaign.


bizVideo campaigns are accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device

In-Built Bonuses

1. Automatic List Building

Manually entering prospect data is time-consuming and prone to errors. After all that effort to get that lead, you don’t want to lose it now. bizVideo automatically adds every new lead to your list. All leads are opted in so your list is clean and ready for you to go build your business.

bizVideo bonuses

2. Automatic List Segmentation

bizVideo automatically sorts new leads by the campaign. This automatic sorting makes it easy to build campaigns targeting specific audience segments. Segmentation marketing has proven to increase ROI by 15% or more and it’s built into your bizVideo account.

bizVideo bonuses

3. Search Engine Marketing

bizVideo campaigns are automatically optimized for search engines. Tags are built-in for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well as geolocation. Your video marketing SEO is done for you. What you save in SEO expenses more than pays for bizVideo.

bizVideo bonuses

4. My Call List (CRM)

bizVideo’s built-in CRM system, My Call List, provides 5 distinctly important business functions.

  •  First, My Call List automatically adds all new leads to your database in real-time. You can see who is interested instantly.
  •  Second, it also tells you which campaign they responded to. So you know what caught their interest and what information they requested.
  •  Third, My Call List also tells you which new leads came in today so you can easily check on the new leads and get back to them right away.
  •  Fourth, you can make notes right in My Call List while you are talking to them. You can write call back reminders and more.
  •  Fifth, you can access My Call List from your cell, tablet, or laptop at any time.

With My Call List, you can always stay on top of new leads, which leads you to need to call back, what information they requested, which campaign caught their interest, check to call back reminders, and much more. Everything you need to convert new leads into customers and sales.

bizVideo bonuses

5. Call On The Go

Up to 64% of all Internet leads are wasted because no one responds in time*. That means you can increase your conversion rate up to 64% just by calling them or sending them a text quickly. My Call List gives you all the information about your leads. Call On The Go makes following up with them a piece of cake. With Call On The Go, you can contact any lead, right away, right from your cell.

  •  Want to talk with your new lead? Call them instantly with one touch of your finger
  •  Want to send them a text? You can send a text as fast as you can write or speak your message
  •  Want to send them an email? Click on their email address and start typing.

Stay ahead of your competition and impress prospects with your instant response to their needs. It’s all built into Call On The Go.

bizVideo bonuses

6. Direct Sales Made Simple

With bizVideo, direct sales can be just one click away. Insert the link to your order form into your campaign and start driving direct sales. Keep them focused, keep them interested, and make it easy to buy with a purchase just one click away.


From the perspective of a review, this product looks great as it has the true Power of Video Marketing.

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