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A Preface To pinwizz

There is a lot more to Pinterest than many bloggers across the world are thinking of. Pinterest is an integral part of Digital marketing and its visual appeal through its pins is more effective for marketing purposes. Read these reports. Read this comprehensive guide by Neil Patel to know more about Pinterest and Business. Pinwizz is all about making the business and digital marketing to unbelievable prospects.

What is pinwizz

Pinwizz is a latest technology that helps marketers drive Automated Targeted Traffic from Pinterest  to any blog or website. No prior knowledge or special skills are required to use this which means a complete newbie can utilize this method efficiently. PinWizz Is A Multi-Purpose Platform in a nutshell.

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Product Namepinwizz
Product creatorRudy Rudra
Launched On3rd October 2020
Price$ 17, $ 37, $ 47, $ 97
Newbie FriendlyYes
Support DeskAvailable
Money Back GuaranteeYes – 30 Days

Reason Why Pinterest & pinwizz

To know the power of Pinterest from the perspective of marketing read “WHY PINTEREST IS IMPORTANT FOR DIGITAL MARKETING“. This may clear some of your apprehensions. Few other things are listed below.

pinwizz user

Crazy Monthly Users

Pinterest has more than 320 million monthly active users

pinwizz user

Third Largest Social Network

Pinterest is the third largest social network in the USA

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Outreageous Monthly Searches

There are more than 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest 

pinwizz user

Immense User Base

Pinterest’s active user base grew 26% to 335 million last year 

Untapped Business Opportunity

Advertisers can reach more than 169 million people on Pinterest

Huge Sales Booster

77% of weekly users regularly discover new brands and products

Benefits Of Traffic in Pinterest

Boost Your Brand Awareness Instantly

Boost your brand globally & make the best use of social media giant Pinterest to drive laser targeted traffic to your offers without any third-party dependency or resorting to DIY techniques.

Drive New Leads For Your Offers

Driving laser targeted traffic to boost sales & profits just became easier. With just a few clicks of a mouse, viewers are redirected straight to any webpage/ website & thus, you can instantly get them connected in the long run.

Engage Easily With Your Users

Customer engagement boosting is taken to a new level altogether with Pinterest. As soon as your pins are shared and viewed by a variety of users, they start getting more traction & ultimately, you witness a huge spike in the engagement levels

Build Visual Links & Web Traffic

Another valuable utility for marketers today. Pinterest easily builds links to the desired pages from where links are sourced, thus facilitating easy link generation that further boost engagement for your brand

Boost Website Visbility And Reputation

Pinterest is best used to build a community of followers and communicate easily with them related to your products/ services in a channelized manner. Thus, boosting brand visibility & online reputation is possible in hands down manner.

Benefits Of pinwizz on Traffic in Pinterest

Work Effortlessly With Multiple Boards Across Multiple IDs

Gone are the days you had to worry about managing your pins. PinWizz gives you complete power to organize your boards so that people can easily browse your profile or explore your ideas in a hassle free manner.

Easily Comment & Put Your Affiliate Or Product Link In Others Pinterest Account

Now, this feature will get you up and running like a pro marketer. Use the immense power of PinWizz to get maximum exposure for your pins by putting your affiliate link as well as the product link in others without many efforts.

Easy-To-Use Image Editor For Creating Highly Engaging Images

Make the best use of our advanced & super-newbie friendly editor to capture audience attention & get them glued to your offers through the power of engaging visuals.

Search Boards Of Other People And Easily Check The Highest Repins To Easily Follow Or Unfollow Them

Best way to succeed is to learn from the best.
So, we’re giving you the complete power to find out the highest repins so you too can drive maximum traffic by following them & take your business to the next level.

Search And Automatically Find Powerful Content From Pinterest In Just A Few Clicks

Finding powerful content just got smarter and easier. PinWizz makes you take a giant leap above your competitors by finding super-engaging content that gets your visitors hooked for your offers & even converts them into lifetime buyers.

Find Pins In Any Niche And Repin Them To Your Boards

PinWizz makes it super fast and easy to find the most quality oriented pins and also helps you to boost your results by repining them to your audience base.

Advanced Link Shortner

Link shortening is the need of the hour as shortened links make the reading experience smoother, particularly on social media platforms. They also facilitate social media sharing and boost your brand reputation to a great extent. PinWizz helps you to grab all these benefits and never turn your hair grey for any banning issue whatsoever..

Schedule Pins Actions Across Multiple Boards

Kick out the manual work by scheduling your pins effortlessly & reaching out to your audience without ever worrying for doing it yourself.

Get Max Audience Glued Using The Power Of Fresh Visual Content

Use the power of visual content to get maximum traction for your offers & get best results with your Pinterest marketing efforts.

Effortless Organization

Organize your pins and send them out in a well-managed order to as to avoid any clutter & also reach out to multiple audiences with no tech hassles or third-party dependency ever.

What Beta Testers Says

Bonuses On Purchase

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pinwizz bonus
pinwizz bonus
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pinwizz Versions

Front End


Drive Automated Laser Targeted Traffic From Pinterest In The Next 10 Minutes To Any Blog Or Website With No Monthly Fees EVER

Price $ 17



Unlock Unlimited Features To Get Max Traffic, Sales & Profits With Just The Push Of A Button

Price $ 37



Get 300% More Traffic & Sales Faster & Easier With Zero Tech Hassles Ever Schedule Pins Actions Across Multiple Boards

Price $ 47



Upgrade To PinWizz DFY Edition To Get 500% More Traffic, Sales & Profits Without Any Expensive Fees Or Doing Anything Yourself.

Price $ 197

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pinwizz bonus

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pinwizz bonus

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pinwizz bonus

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