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Preface To SyndBuddy 2.0

This is a review about SyndBuddy 2.0 – the latest traffic generation with the help social sharing. The world connects through the internet, and social media networks are present in the lives of millions around the world. Social media is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which provides incredible benefits by reaching millions of customers worldwide. They help you to connect with the customers, increase your brand awareness, and boost your leads and sales, Read the full report here, “Importance of Social Media Marketing in Business”

Preface To SyndBuddy 2.0

SyndBuddy 2.0 is a platform where thousands of real users, located all over the world, will share the content on their social platforms to get any URL. This will help it to Rank On Page 1 of Google or YouTube, faster. The product is already tested with a proven system with over 5,000 users that have performed over 2,000,000 shares of each other’s content.

With SyndBuddy users will get

  • Real Facebook Likes & Shares
  • Real Re-Tweets
  • Real Social Bookmarks
  • Real Youtube Views & More

Watch The SyndBuddy 2.0

SyndBuddy 2.0 – Snippet

Product NameSyndBuddy 2.0
Product creatorJoshua Zamora (Facebook: /joshuazamora)
Launched On10th October
Price$ 33 to Up
Newbie FriendlyYes
Support DeskAvailable 24 x 7
Money-Back GuaranteeYes (In Full)

Why SyndBuddy 2.0

100% Done-For-You Social Syndication from REAL people located ALL over the world, so you DO NOT have to do ANY of the work yourself!

BEST way to get rankings FAST and for the LONG-TERM WITHOUT worrying about being “penalized” (100% Whitehat)

Auto-Share Feature So You’re GUARANTEED To Get HUNDREDS of REAL Social Shares PER campaign – 100% hands-free

Automated Content Generation So You Can Submit ANY URL to the “sharing pool” in 60 Seconds Or Less!

NO Software to Download or Learn – the ONLY thing you have to do is create your campaign and input your URL and keywords

Benifits Of SyndBuddy 2.0

SyndBuddy is beautifully built to tap into a pre-built Army of real people that are ready to share your content all over the internet. This will lead to getting rankings fast and for the long-term, which leads to more targeted traffic, leads, and sales from Google and YouTube.

  • No Software To Install
  • No Software Training To Learn
  • No Social Account Creation Needed
  • No Content Needed On Your Part
  • No Proxies or Captchas Needed

Features Of SyndBuddy 2.0

Real Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks is one of the most powerful types of syndication you can employ in your rankings campaigns.

Bookmarking your own site on your own account is already powerful enough. But when you have an ARMY of people bookmarking your URL’s on their accounts as well, that just puts your campaigns on Steroids.

You’ll be getting bookmarks from Authority sites like Diigo, Plurk, KiwiBox, Medium, SkyRock, and many many more.

Real Web 2.0 Syndication

If getting ALL of the above mentioned social interaction on your URL’s hasn’t excited you enough, we still have MORE!

You’ll also be able to get an ARMY of people posting your content and linking to your sites from ALL the top Web 2.0 sites like, Tumblr, Blogger, Instapaper, Joomla, AND many, many more.

It’s like having access to a POWERFUL Web 2.0 private blog network!

Real Video Embeds

We all know how powerful syndicating your YouTube videos is, right?

It’s one of the most powerful ways to rank #1. However, when you add video EMBEDDING to the mix, it takes things to a WHOLE other level. And when you add OTHER people embedding YOUR videos on THEIR blogs, that’s when things REALLY take off.

As part of our Web 2.0 syndication, we’ve also added the option for you to include a video for them to EMBED as well!

Real Twitter Tweets

Sharing is key to ranking and organic growth. And we’ve all heard about the POWER of Twitter when it comes to getting social syndication and backlinks.

Now you can get tons of REAL Tweets from an ARMY of people, which will affect your social presence immediately…and I think you guessed it….your rankings increase!

Real Facebook Likes and Shares

Most people don’t know about Google’s social algorithm. It places a lot of weight on social media shares when it comes to rankings.

When YOU get hundreds of these shares quickly, you’ll get hordes of views with more ease than you ever imagined.

Real Video Views

SyndBuddy also comes built-in with some POWERFUL video boosting features.

You’ll be able to get REAL views to your videos from people ALL over the world, logged in to MULTIPLE different accounts, ALL on different IP addresses.

You’ll have an ARMY of people just waiting to watch your videos and give them the boost they need.

syndBuddy 2.0

Step-By-Step Training

Get full training on how to use SyndBuddy’s simple dashboard – even an 8 year old can run it.

Training comes in step-by-step video form. It will literally take you under 60 seconds to create a NEW campaign.

Plus, we will be having MULTIPLE live sessions to provide as much training as possible and answer any and all questions.

World Class Customer Support

We have a support team dedicated to answering your questions and helping you use SyndBuddy to its fullest potential.

Just e-mail at any time and you’ll get a fast, thoughtful response dedicated to you.

Full Reporting of Your Campaigns

Not only will you be able to get a TON of shares, likes, bookmarks and syndication, we’ve also built-in a VERY powerful reporting system so you’ll be able to see EXACTLY the kind of social signals you’re getting AND for social shares, you’ll be able to see EXACT URL’s of where your content is being posted.

syndBuddy 2.0

Weekly Email Updates Of Your Syndications

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we made SyndBuddy 2.0 as HANDS-FREE as possible.

And although we have FULL reporting of your campaigns INSIDE SyndBuddy, we wanted to make it even EASIER, so we’ll even EMAIL you a summary EVERY week of ALL the syndication that has happened for your campaigns!

syndBuddy 2.0

Limited Time: No Monthly Fees

Grab your SyndBuddy license right now – during the grand opening period – and pay NO monthly fees.

Right now, one low investment gets you unrestricted access and you’ll be able to earn an unlimited about of credits.

After the grand opening expires, monthly pricing will come into effect

Functions Of SyndBuddy 2.0

You can submit ANY URL. It can be a video, a niche site, an Amazon page, a client site, a client Google local listing URL, an eCommerce store, ANYTHING!

syndBuddy 2.0

You can submit ANY URL. It can be a video, a niche site, an Amazon page, a client site, a client Google local listing URL, an eCommerce store, ANYTHING!

 It’s 100% Done-For-You so ZERO work is required on your part once you submit the URL you want traffic for. Our Army will get to work for you ASAP!

You can let our system generate the content for your campaigns FOR YOU in a matter of a few mouse clicks so you can create new campaigns in 60 seconds or less!

You’ll have FULL access to your syndication report once it’s been completed

How SyndBuddy 2.0 Helps You

SyndBuddy’s New Algorithm Makes Better, Faster And More Powerful System To Deliver Higher Rankings, More Traffic And Big Sales!

One-Click Auto-Sharing

syndBuddy 2.0

SyndBuddy 2.0 is launched with special ammunition in its back end to make the Auto Sharing looked like FIRE house!

This has been created because a certain percentage of people tended to drop off over time and stop sharing content because it was a MANUAL PROCESS! They had to actually login, and share other people’s content.

With SyndBuddy 2.0, social sharing became more powerful with thousands of members have AUTO-SHARING turned on.

One-Click Account Creation

syndBuddy 2.0

We’re also going to be bundling this with our VERY popular, SyndCreator,  so they can have their social accounts automatically CREATED and plugged in to SyndBuddy!

This is gonna make things even EASIER, FASTER and BETTER!

Within minutes they’ll be able to start having their accounts created, and have ANY url start being syndicated ALL over the world by REAL members!

One-Click Content Creation

syndBuddy 2.0

Yup, we’re also going to be including our content-engine system into SyndBuddy so that submitting a campaign to be shared by memers is even EASIE!

ZERO content creation needed on their part!

SyndBuddy 2.0 Versions

syndBuddy 2.0
syndBuddy 2.0
syndBuddy 2.0

Special Bonuses

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