WP Toolkit Smart Links – Review

WP Toolkit Smart Links – Introduction

Links‘ – more precisely for marketers Affiliate Links are the most precious property in the internet world or business. The success depends on these links’ performance on the medium of posting. The latest technology sometimes fail to recognize our links that we are unable to post it in many social Media Platform. Are you worried about this, We have the Solution. Read On.

What Is WP Toolkit Smart Links

WP SmartLinks is the next generation oflink Cloakerand uses some of the most up to date technologies and methods to protect your links. It will create the open graph protocol directly from the cloaked site. Giving you a live preview of how your link will look on social sites.

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Few Obstacles Encountering By Many Marketers

Change Is A Pain

Affiliate programs change all the time, offers expire and sites go down. If you are using a 3rd party Cloaker you very rarely have the option to change your links and you will be wasting a lot of traffic.

Replacing Ugly With Ugly

Most link cloakers just replace the ugly affiliate links with slightly shorter random links that still look ugly. This doesn’t fix anything and won’t increase your clickthrough rate.

You’re At Their Mercy

When you use a 3rd party link cloaker you are completely at their mercy. If they are down there is nothing you can do. You’ll be wasting traffic and losing all your sales.

Change Is A Pain

Affiliate programs change all the time, offers expire and sites go down. If you are using a 3rd party Cloaker you very rarely have the option to change your links and you will be wasting a lot of traffic.

Purpose Of WP Toolkit Smart Links

  • + Create 100% Natural Looking Links that use your own domain
  • + Prevents Against Link Devaluation and Blocking
  • + Customizable Smart Bridge Page Technology that you control 100%
  • + Allows you to “Pixel” any site, even those affiliate sites you have no control over
  • + Use your own Domain for SmartLink and all the link juice that comes with that
  • + Built-In Reporting
  • + 100% Social Media Friendly – Yes, SmartLinks Work In Facebook And Twitter
  • + SEO Friendly links with natural keywords

WP Toolkit Smart Links – Snippet

CategorySoftware plugin
Product NameWordPress Toolkit Smart Links
Product CreatorMatt Garret (FACEBOOK: FB.com/matgarrett)
Launched On23rd Septemeber 2020
Price$ 37
Official Pagewww.wpsmartlinks.com/
Newbie FriendlyYes
Money Back GuaranteeYes (60 Days)

Primary Functions Of WP Toolkit Smart Links

Use Your Own Domain With WP Smart Links you will always use your own domain for your cloaked links. Your links will be pretty, inspire confidence and get a lot more clicks.
User Friendly WordPress PluginWP Smart Links is a super simple to use WordPress plugin that can be added to your site with a single click.
You don’t need any special tech skills or experience to use it and since it’s based on WP it will work on any computer, anywhere.
Manage All Your Links In One PlaceWith WP Smart links you will have all your cloaked links in one convenient place, right on your WordPress dashboard.
There is no longer a need to keep text files and spreadsheets or spending hours finding that one link you lost.
Change Your Links On The FlyChange Your Links On The Fly
Affiliate programs change all the time, offers expire and sites go down.
With WP Smart Link it’s super easy to instantly change your link and send your traffic to another site. This means you will never waste traffic and miss out on sales again!
Completely Eliminate TheftWe will naturally fully cloak your links all the way to the destination. This completely negates browser switching, eliminates affiliates theft and ensures that you get paid for every sales, every time!
Dodge The Spam FiltersYou will be the only person sending out emails promoting links on your domains. This greatly reduces the risk of getting blacklisted as spam and it will increase your views, clicks and sales
Avoid The Ban HammerThe same goes for social media… posting links for your own domain greatly lowers the risk of your affiliate links being banned or removed.
Even better… our smart bridge technology has been specifically designed with social media in mind, ensuring that your links can be shared on social media without ever being blocked!

Add On Extra Feature

The revolutionary smart bridge technology allows the user to assign a pixel to any link, even affiliate links. The smart bridge will load this pixel first, before sending the visitor on to the destination link. This could be used as a tracking pixel to gain valuable insights into your traffic. This will be more effective if it is with a Facebook Pixel.

Who Could Use This

Hunting down and changing affiliate links on multiple posts can be a pain. With the WP Smart Links plugin you can change multiple links in second, straight from your WordPress dashboard.
Affiliate Marketers
WP Smart Links ensures that your links will be seen and clicked on social media and from emails. It will increase your sales and commissions and the smart bridge pixel will take your affiliate marketing to the next
Nothing is more disheartening than staring at the zero sales stats when you are starting out. WP Smart Links maximizes your chance or making a sales and makes sure you get paid every time – so you can get the good start we wish we had.

If You Wish To Have More Feature

This Add On enables the following features:

Link monitoring monitors the SmartLink and if it detects the link is broken, then it will auto detect this and redirect. Say goodbye to broken affiliate links

Auto Redirect SmartLink allows you to set start and end times for links, when the link is visited outside these times it will go to a link of your choosing. Great for limited time offers and means your links will always be pointing somewhere profitable.

Geo-Targeting allows you to set which locations the SmartLink is for. Redirecting any other locations to another link of your choosing. Great for country-specific offers.

From The Desk Of Beta Testers

Money Back guarantee



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